What was your reason for choosing Mortgage Inspirations?

I had not reviewed my mortgage for some time and needed to prepare for my intended retirement which was 5 years away. My main concern was I was only paying the interest on part part of my mortgage which was a major concern me. I was not comfortable with the information I received from my bank and found the internet a nightmare.

How did Mortgage Inspirations help you?

I felt comfortable with Derek because he took time to assess my situation and he fully understood my needs in preparation for my future. He explained in detail the options available to me and advised me so I could make an informed decision. I had total trust in his advice.

Do you feel you have benefitted from the advice offered by Mortgage Inspirations?

Very happy. Derek explained every step of the way which gave me confidence I was in good hands. The deal was much better than I expected as I thought my monthly mortgage payments would increase significantly moving to a full repayment mortgage, but the increase was minimal and easily affordable. My pending retirement is back on track.

Did Mortgage Inspirations meet your needs?

Absolutely nothing. Highly delighted with the outcome and well worth the time spent getting it right.