What was your reason for choosing Mortgage Inspirations?

We applied for a residential mortgage through the normal high street banks and lenders. We quickly found out that the options are very limited due to the changes in lending rules. Our income and credit scores were positive but we really struggled to get an offer and even when we did the interest rates were horrendously high. Our case was slightly unusual as it related to multiple properties and we are both now classed as self employed in the eyes of the new mortgage rules. It seemed that lenders were looking for any excuse not to lend.

How did Mortgage Inspirations help you?

Derek used his network to find suitable lenders. After several of lenders dropped out in the later stages he put together a bespoke mortgage request and circulated through his network. Within a short of time he found a lender who was not only willing to lend they also offered a rate even more competitive than the high street lenders. We could not believe the effort Derek put into searching and negotiating with lenders to find the right solution.

Do you feel you have benefitted from the advice offered by Mortgage Inspirations?

The outcome of Derek’s work has not only achieved but exceeded our expectations.

Did Mortgage Inspirations meet your needs?