What was your reason for choosing Mortgage Inspirations?

We were looking for a mortgage in the Council Right to buy Scheme.

How did Mortgage Inspirations help you?

Mr Johnson advised us step by step what documents we needed and provided information regarding the mortgage lenders and their packages, tailored for the property we were to buy.

Do you feel you have benefitted from the advice offered by Mortgage Inspirations?

We have stop the application for personal reasons related to the unprofessional behaviour of our Solicitors.

Did Mortgage Inspirations meet your needs?

He could advised us better Solicitors, but he did his best.

Mortgage Inspirations reply

The solicitors were not from our vetted panel of solicitors. Mr & Mrs Tindall chose these solicitors on price only and not on proven ability. Unfortunately, the solicitors lack of communication, understanding of Right to Buy process and relationship with the lender, resulted in the case not being processed properly leading to Mr & Mrs Tindall pulling out of the purchase.